Visiting the Land Down Under: Australia Travel Guide

It has something for everyone-its wild outback for the adventurer to explore and its coastal cities for the trendy party seeker. In this travel guide, we tell you exactly what you should visit/do when you visit this stunning corner of the world.

An Opera in Sydney:

No visit to Australia would be complete without visiting one of its most iconic structures. The Sydney Opera House is a stunning example of modern architecture. Enjoy a drink at the Opera Bar before seeing a performance in the famed Opera. Sydney itself is one of Australia’s best cities, and besides its Opera House has many other impressive attractions like the Sydney Harbor Bridge,Australian National Maritime Museum, Royal Botanic Gardens and Bondi Beach (among others).

An Ocean Road:

The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km long road that stretches between Torquay and Allansford – a couple of Victorian cities. For those who like driving and a bit of adventure, traversing this tranquil road is one of the best things to do on their vacation. It passes by spectacular ocean views, rainforests and natural limestone and sandstone formations including The Twelve Apostles.

A Valley outside of Adelaide:

Located 60 km northeast of the Adelaide City Center, Barossa Valley is a beautiful lush green landscape renowned for its vineyard and wine production. Sip tasteful wines as you gaze at a dying sun sinking behind gently rolling hills. The best time to visit this valley is during Vintage Festival which is held once every two years.

Blue Mountains:

A mountain range in New South Wales, this is a must visit for those who love the tranquility and peace of nature, and also for those who love adventure. The Blue Mountains offer a myriad of activities to engage in and sights to see. Popular attractions/activities include The Three Sisters, a huge choice of bushwalks and discovery walks, camping in the wilderness, Open Gardens and the Six Foot Track. The place also offers sumptuous food and art galleries which you can visit.

Margaret River:

A town in the South West of Western Australia, Margaret River is a popular tourist destination famous for its wine region, beaches, surfing breaks and its caves. The adventurous would definitely like to see the caves, which number in their hundreds and are located within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. The Mammoth Cave located 21 kilometers outside the town is the most famous and contains fossils which date back to 35,000 years.

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An Overview of China Travel Guide

Sitting pretty in the heart of Asia, China boasts the largest population in the world. The rich culture, warm hospitality, delicious food, and amazing attractions make this country a popular tourist destination. Every year legions of holiday makers and business travelers flock to this country and China welcomes them all with the same enthusiasm. Whether you are looking for a romantic sojourn in Hong Kong or a cultural rendezvous in Beijing, the quant villages and the stunning cities of China are sure to impress you and stay in your mind for long. In this China travel guide we will tell you about the important things that you must do while you are there.

When you are on a China trip, make sure you explore the rich history of the region as there are numerous historic monuments and buildings that speak volumes about the glamorous past. Visit the Forbidden City situated in Beijing to experience the whispers of the imperial intrigue, and remember the legends that were created atop the Great Wall. If you are visiting Shanghai, don’t forget to see Bund which still has reminiscences of the past days when the trade was flourishing. Another historic area worth visiting is the Lijiang where the cobblestone streets remind of the past.

Chinese food is popular throughout the world, so make sure you enjoy the authentic style cuisines while you are in the country that actually produces them. In the northern side, you will find staples like dumplings, noodles, and flatbreads; and as you go southwards you will see people eating more of rice. In the north-east, you will find the heartiest of foods, with light and delicate flavors. Don’t miss the appetizing mushroom dishes in Yunnan and the popular dim sum in Guangdong. Regardless of where you are in China, you are sure to always find delicious tea after your meals.

China boasts of its rich culture and heritage, and when you visit the country don’t forget to enjoy the various cultural attractions that give you an insight of the country’s traditions. The grand opera shows held in Beijing provide you a window to witness the imperial era. There are numerous temples in the country and each one has a story to tell. The Shaolin Temple is perhaps one of the most important as it is the birthplace of kung fu and it speaks volumes about the role of martial arts and Buddhism in shaping the cultural identity of China.

If you are looking for a quiet retreat amidst the natural surroundings then we would recommend that you visit Huang Shan that boasts of spectacular mountain scenes and wonderful tea. The Yunnan province, situated in south west China is home to more than 25 ethnic minority groups which include the Miao, Mosuo, Tibetans, Bai, and Dai. These ethnic groups have their own customs, languages and culture worth exploring.

No trip to China is complete unless you do some shopping as there are plenty of spectacular shopping arcades in the country. From antique art work and paintings to silk items and tea, there are numerous authentic Chinese items that you can buy during your visit and take home with you.

Leh Travel Guide – Enjoy The Land Of Snow

Leh is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is the capital of Ladakh district. This is the second largest district by area in India and is located at a high altitude of about 3524 meters above mean sea level. The NH 1D connects Leh with Srinagar and Leh-Manali Highway connects that with Manali.

Leh has been the paradise of tourists for ages. The blue mountain ranges, the spectacular view of the valleys and the snow covered peaks all add immense beauty to the surroundings. The place has been the stopover destination of the traders who pass the Indus valley to reach the Tibet and China. There are many such trade routes in all directions in Leh.

There is a ruined fort on the Namgyal Peak which is one of the royal residences. There are also many monasteries located here that are worth visiting. The Leh Palace was built by Sengge Namgyal and this has nine stories and the upper floors were used for the accommodation of the royal families and the lower floors have been used as store rooms and as stables. In the middle of the 19th century, the palace was abandoned.

Other places of interest in Leh that a traveler should not miss are Leh Trekking Trails, War Museum, Chamba Temple, Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, Jo Khang Gompa, Stok Palace, The Victory Tower, etc. Leh is visited by local tourists in winter season. The place is visited at that time for the snowfall. The foreign tourists visit the place in summer. So there is traffic of tourists all round the year at this place. In winter the climate drops below freezing point to as much as -14 degree Celsius and in summer it goes up to 25 degree Celsius. The region gets very less rainfall and so it could be rightly said as a cold desert region.

If you want to reach Leh by road then you have to go from Srinagar through Kargil or by Leh-Manali Highway. But the second option is troublesome because of the high passes and plateaus. There is an airport in Leh which is the highest airport in India called Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. There are regular flights to Delhi operated by Jet Airways, Indian Airlines and Go Air.

Leh is the paradise of tourists and so there are many hotels in Leh that cater to the needs of the visitors. Most of them are located in areas around the tourist spots and trekking spots and so it is easier to access. The quiet surroundings give you a pleasant and peaceful stay. Many of the hotels in Leh have centrally heated rooms with individual thermostats. The restaurants in Leh offer Punjabi cuisine, Kashmiri cuisine, continental and North Indian cuisine. The traditional meals served in these restaurants are always welcomed by the guests. To find out the right Leh hotels and Leh restaurants refer the reliable Leh travel guide. Have a pleasant stay!

Jakarta City Travel Guide: Exploring The Beauty of Indonesian Capital

Jakarta is the beautiful capital of the Southeast Asian country, Indonesia. Being an archipelago of more than 18,000 islands, the nation is filled and overflowing with the most wonderful sights and experiences. Its capital alone holds enough things to do to last an entire month of walking around the city without pause, and still not being able to explore every nook and cranny. It is so full of different types of attractions to visit, and is very rich in historical and cultural heritage. To help you wander through this wonderful place, here’s a mini Jakarta travel guide.

Seeing Jakarta’s History: The Old Town
The best place to go to for a look at what Jakarta was in the old days is definitely Jakarta Old Town, or Old Town Batavia, an area formally stated as heritage in 1969. Even European travelers and voyagers as early as the 16th century saw the beauty of the place and called it “Jewel of Asia” and “Queen of the East”.

In Old Town Batavia, history is brought back to life with the magnificent and picturesque scenery of old colonial Dutch architecture and surroundings. The streets are lined with museums and other interesting tourist attractions. Some of these are Gedung Arsip Nasional, Cafe Batavia, Postal Office, Museum Bank Indonesia, and the Museum Fatahillah.

Other than the many buildings you can freely walk into, you can also see many street vendors and open markets in the area. Visit the old drawbridge, Sunda Kelapa old harbor, and delight yourself in the old Javanese leather puppets at the Puppet Museum.

Every Monday, most of the museums in Jakarta are closed. The best day to visit is on Sunday, because usually there would be a puppet show at the Puppet Museum. At the same museum, you can also see the funeral of Jan Pieterszoon Coen. He was an officer of the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia (VOC) in the early 17th century who renamed the city into Batavia from its older name, Jayakarta.

Immersing Yourself in Indonesia’s Culture: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is literally translated to English as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. This large 250 acre park, located in the area of East Jakarta, is indeed one of the most beautiful and perfect places to feel like you’re actively participating in the culture of the beautiful Indonesia.

An hour is not enough to witness everything you need to experience in this colossal park, as it is a conglomeration of everything Indonesian. The entire archipelago is crammed into the place, and the best thing to do is to let yourself be swept away by the sheer magnificence of experiencing all you can of the country in the shortest time possible. If you take a cable car inside the park, you will see the beautiful of Indonesian archipelago miniature in the middle of a lake.

Encyclopedia Britannica dubs TMII as a living museum, because of all the culture you can get from the entire experience. Each of the 34 provinces of Indonesia are represented in the park as pavilions. Each of them have their own unique surroundings, furniture, and ornaments to give the true feel of the territory. There are also more informative and fascinating museums that you can visit while inside the park, such as the Reptile Museum where you can see a dragon Komodo, Military Museum, Indonesian Museum, etc. You can also walk around and enjoy the calm beauty of the different sub-parks and have fun at the recreational facilities.

The best day to visit TMII is on Sunday, because the pavilions in the park usually perform their traditional dances and shows only on Sunday or public holiday.

Visiting the National Landmark of Jakarta: Monas
And of course, your stay in Jakarta would not be complete without seeing the monument built to remember the day Indonesia became a free country: the Monas, stand for Monumen Nasional. It was built by the first President, Mr. Soekarno, in 1961 and opened to the public ten years later. In Soekarno era, it was the highest building, the 132-meter monument powerfully tower high over Jakarta, a visible testament to the fight for freedom from colonial rule.

When you go there, you can reach the top of the Monas via elevator and see all of Jakarta. Afterwards, you can visit the Independence Room, which holds the national flag as well as other important artifacts. At the base of the Monas is the National History Museum, and the surrounding area is a beautiful park named Merdeka square. In the museum, you will find 51 dioramas telling the story about Indonesia’s struggle for independence.

Sunday and holiday are not best days to visit Monas if you want to reach the top, because there are many students and people want to reach the top causing a long queue. There is only one lift with maximum 11 persons maximum capacity while hundreds of people want to enter the lift every holiday.

The above destinations are easy to reach, but many people in Jakarta cannot speak English. That is why you need an English speaking driver or a tour guide. This Jakarta Tourist Guide can help you reach the best destinations in Jakarta and explore more about the beauty of the city.